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"I use stoneware of different grogs and colours depending on my project. Enamel, engobes or raw, the sculptures are then patinated. Passionate about the feelings transmitted by the eyes, my pieces are most often figurative. "

"As a ceramist, I create pieces and in particular sculptures in earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. They are intended to be exhibited in private homes as well as in public places.

Art & Bizarre is the theme of Esti Reich. She puts her funny clay heads on stage and her creatures make you smile. The Swiss artist has been working in her small studio in France for 10 years, perfecting her skills in master classes in Vallauris.

Manufacturer of ceramic. Red and white clay, culinary clay.

"Graduated in artisanal ceramics and product design, my work is at the crossroads of these two worlds. A practice rooted in functionalism, sobriety and modularity, combining the inventiveness of the creator and the technicality of the worker."

From father to son, surrounded by tradition, Fani Ceram is reviving an entire regional heritage, conserving original authentic colour revitalised by the inspirations of today.Culinary ceramics, tableware.

Ceramists. Creation and manufacture of unique pieces or in small series, utilities or decoration.

My workshop develops moulds for sculpture, decoration, art editions. Plaster and silicone moulds to order. Ceramic series. Plaster molding art workshop for ceramics and art foundry. Private lessons.

Alexandre Rodriguez, a ceramist in Vallauris like his father and grandfather, is passionate about both shapes and lines. He creates pieces of tableware as well as unique works with the same fervour.

Artisanal and traditional creation of porcelain objects

In her Vallauris workshop, Fernande Elena continues to produce the famous flamed decorations that once made the glory of Vallauris! The shapes and colours have been redesigned to adapt to our current interiors.

While the other kids were playing in the sandbox or baking cookies, Julien worked clay and took naps...

Kiriaki's ceramics are a symbolic hymn to his native island of Naxos, Greece. In her creations, she evokes the memory of her family and Greek legends, the birds of the sky of her childhood...Individual courses.

Ceramic tableware. . Elisa welcomes you by appointment only.

Ceramic sculpture. Unique, playful and colourful pieces. Animal theme: fish, imaginary animals and human portraits. Decorative plates in the Vallaurian tradition. From large to very small format.

Established for 10 years in the Vieux Vallauris, Justine Ribéra makes all her pieces by hand on a p...

Terrail, a space for ceramics and contemporary art, is an artist's studio dedicated to contemporary and emerging creation that offers artists time for work and exhibitions.

Creation of utilitarian ceramics, unique pieces or small series.

Ceramist, I work with stoneware, play with the enamals.

This pretty shop offers you tableware and decorative objects. Custom-made projects. Ceramic workshop and store. Manufacturer of "biscuit" for professionals. Reception of groups and shooting demonstrations.

Marie produces plates, bowls and unique pieces. Porcelain, stoneware, creations on request and personalized. Initiation workshop on request.

Ceramic sculptures, unique pieces.

Decorative, utilitarian and personalized pottery. Perfume burners, indoor fountains, Provencal villages, scents. Lavender, herbs of Provence and gift items. Paintings

Ceramic art, contemporary art, Pop'Art. Creation of sculptures

The association AIR Vallauris welcomes artists from all over the world to meet local artists and create new works

In her gallery-workshop in Vallauris, Karine Gervasi, sculptor and ceramics artist, will give you th...

All the pieces are fired in the Vallauris kiln. The exclusive creations are crafted by Philippe Chai...

The know-how of pottery is perpetuated from generation to generation. All the pieces are handcrafted...

Gérard CROCIANI, an artisan potter in Vallauris, inherited his know-how from his father, Francis CR...

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