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Look around you: most of the town centre’s road signs are ceramic. You’ll see Massier decorations on the façade of the old post office (1, rue Hippolyte Aussel) and work by Roger Capron on the façade of the McDonald’s.

Old kilns can still be seen :

  • inside the Espace Grandjean and the renovated old kiln on rue Jean Gerbino.
  • At the Foucard-Jourdan factory (now the Agnès Sandhal gallery) complete with fireplace, ventilation holes and drying terraces.

The dove of peace

crafted by artistans from the Syndicat des Potiers potters’ union for the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s arrival in Vallauris, which you’ll find at the ‘Pont-Neuf’ roundabout on the road between Golfe-Juan and Vallauris.


The monumental statues by Roger and Jacotte Capron

in the town centre and especially at the Place Jacques Cavasse and on the façade of the Espace Loisirs leisure centre.

The rope urns

On the Avenue Clemenceau, decorated by various local artists.

This technique is used to craft large urns using a wooden template, around which craftmen wind a length of hemp rope. The template is then covered in an even layer of clay, and the surface of the urn is smoothed out. Once the clay has set, the wooden template and rope are removed via the top of the urn. The urn is then enamelled and twice-baked at 980°C and 1000/1040°C.

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