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Quick access by car after a few laces from Vallauris or Golfe-Juan.

Here is a peaceful place, out of all the hustle and bustle, great for those who love nature near the city. It is an easy walk to access in a beautiful and wild. We come here with a book, walk his dog, go on a family outing, find peace and silence, and a very pleasant coolness in summer. This park, open all year is a superb discovery that will take you about 1h30 to go back.

Parking along the road is a little shady and the road is not crowded.

Sit quietly on one of the benches to admire and try to photograph the pretty parakeets who have taken up residence in Paradou and come to sing over your heads. They are a beautiful neon green!

A natural haven of 12 hectares not far from the azure coastline. A protected area with many Mediterranean species and maquis vegetation. Each season a different color! The wide, gently sloping alleyways are lined by majestic centuries-old trees: giant eucalyptus trees, huge bamboos, sumptuous mimosas that fill the air in February and March

Cries of birds punctuate the silence, those of the gray herons perched in the trees below. During the day, they cross the inlet to go fishing in the Lérins Islands.

Jutta Tips from Golfe-Juan OT

  • Provide shoes and seasonal clothing suitable for walking in the wild, and a pair of binoculars!

  • Also provide a bottle of water. Warning ! In the absence of a table, you will not be able to picnic.

  • There are nice climbs and descents so avoid the balloons and bikes for the kids.

  • Dogs (on a leash) are particularly happy with the walk.

  • In winter, go for a walk in the morning to get the sun (in the afternoon it goes west and the park is a bit in the shade) … summer is the opposite : walk late afternoon or early morning to see the sun rise and avoid the hottest hours.

  • This ride can be done by mountain bike, but the loop is a bit short.

  • Out of season, I can accompany small groups to discover the Park. Contact me!

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